Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top Bitcoin exchange in India: August

India is increasingly approaching membership of China, Russia, Canada, Australia and others, as countries that have agreed to legalize the currency, placing it within a constitutional framework and providing laws to regulate its use. These measures have provoked a growth in the conscience of the inhabitants of these countries, who can see ATMs of Bitcoin in malls or in the same street. Undoubtedly, the development of this currency in these countries has allowed it to grow, therefore, it is constantly sought that the Bitcoin be legalized in more parts of the world, and one of the countries that is in a previous stage of testing and evaluation Is India.

Although in this article we will not analyze the political movements that have arisen in India about criptocoins, we will leave this for another day, because today we will provide you with information about the best agencies and where you can find the best bitcoin exchanges in India.

Zebpay: At the beginning of March, Zebpay surpassed 500,000 downloads of its application for Smartphone, a number that stunned several governments in the world, such as India, which would then have to reopen the framework of possibilities to legalize Bitcoin . Zebpay currently has the following rates: Buy BTC Price: 280,213; Sell BTC Price: 271,806.

Bitxoxo: This agency has been consolidating little by little, and today it is among the best Bitcoin rate in all of India. It has a state-of-the-art technology and has received excellent ratings from its customers, who are satisfied with the businesses they have performed in this company. Bitxoxo currently owns the following rates: Buy BTC Price: 281,000; Sell BTC Price: BTC 272,000.

Coinsecure: This agency had to accommodate so many users at the end of July that it had to freeze its accounts and its system for several hours, since the amount exceeded what the system could withstand, thus causing a tremendous weight on the platform . In spite of this, he then managed to make the necessary adjustments, and is currently one of the best places to buy bitcoins in India. Their current rates are: Buy BTC Price: 275,500; Sell BTC Price: 274,531.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Historical changes: Bitcoin, the gold of the digital era

The human being has an enormous capacity to adapt to drastic changes in any area of ​​our life, both personal and social. However, sometimes these changes take a long time to be realized due to the fear that invades the human being, something that actually ends up being a positive factor, and is that, sooner or later, taking the necessary rational forecasts, the change will come, giving step to innovation and progress in the world around it.

This is the case today, because the digital age is trying to take ownership of our lifestyle, something that many people have not wanted to accept; nonetheless, this path is indescribable, as well as the changes from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic, the fuels of the First Industrial Revolution and the mass media of the twentieth century.

Since the end of the last century, the digital era has been glimpsed quite enthusiastically, since the ability to connect everyone from one pole to another pole in a matter of seconds was almost unthinkable when we could barely communicate through telephone signals.

The internet arrived, and at the beginning very few people worldwide could be made of this global network, but over the years, it was expanded, until today, education can impart virtual and distance and that way graduate or receive official degrees.

It is impressive the progress of new technologies, there is no doubt that this road will continue to expand, so much so that it will be the new world, one that does not pollute and does not exploit as many natural resources as forests and others, since pollution is an issue serious and will be even more severe in the following decades.

So, it is a fact that the digital age is slowly sitting on its throne, and its monetary ally, its jewels and crown is beginning to be Bitcoin, the gold of the digital world, which today stands up to three times more above mineral gold.

If you want to read more articles of this type follow us to this page, where we will not only find this kind of reflections, but also commercial information about Bitcoin, like the best Bitcoin rate and the best bitcoin exchanges in India.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Are Making History

     The world's most popular digital currency had to make changes to continue providing the best service to its users. This is the bifurcation that Bitcoin had last August 1st. Bitcoin Cash was the new launch of the same founders of Bitcoin. These had to make a "division" of the digital currency in order to meet the great demand they had.

     Bitcoin was already limiting itself to the number of transactions that could be done daily due to the large number of users and the transactions carried out. Blockchain did not allow all necessary transactions to be made and this was one of the reasons why Bitcoin Cash was created. The implementation of a new digital currency directly linked to Bitcoin would be a possible solution to these problems.

     The operations with Bitcoin Cash are totally independent of Bitcoin and even the prices of both cryptocurrencies are totally different, although already Bitcoin Cash is obtaining very high prices compared with the other digital currencies. In only two weeks, it has surpassed the second most popular digital currency, lowering it from its current range with a price around $ 500.

     Blockchain and Segwit now review every operation that is done with the digital coins by fixing every detail to avoid frauds and deceptions and ensure the reliability of their services. Even Bitcoin Cash already has a block chain that certifies each transaction. Many Bitcoin exchange accepted the new cryptocurrency and have received great demands from people around the world, in addition several of them have already become one of the best Bitcoin exchange in the world and his users are very excited with that new.

     Thousands of people already sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash all over the world making millions and millions of dollars in every transaction. Digital currencies have become the new world market and one of the most money processors. Many people have made their fortunes by working and investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This market seems to be quite safe and seems to have good projections for the future as its prices continue to grow as well as the numbers of its followers.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Australia near legalizing Bitcoin

Among other sources, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari and Liberal Senator Jane Hume announced an initiative that will seek to find a way to legalize bitcoin as a measure to exacerbate Australia's international competitiveness.

The two senators urged at Central Bank of Australia that not to host bitcoin as an official currency could seriously damage the competitiveness of the oceanic financial services industry. Senator Dastyari used a rhetorical figure to refer to the issue, saying "one can ask whether Australia will be a country that follows others or a country that leads", adding later the following words: "We can not compete with our Asian neighbors in the Production of cheap goods and services. We can compete in financial services, but this will require disruptive decisions. For the Central Bank and the Australian financial institutions would be a revolutionary leap, which we want to facilitate by creating the right political environment.

Two years ago, the Australian authorities contrasted this new interparty request, since, at that time, they had decided to close the bank accounts of local startups dedicated to bitcoin and criptocoins. This measure did not have very good financial results in the country, as it caused the enterprises to leave the country, to settle in other countries with more flexible policies, such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

This year we have tried to recover these entrepreneurial companies, mainly from fintech and bitcoin, this as an effort to make return those companies that went to other countries; however, the Australian government announced the elimination of double tribulation for bitcoin, but also stated that it has some interest in making this criptocoin a legal good and payment network. The government's position has been clear and has expressed its interest in "creating an improved environment for bitcoin businesses, and for treating bitcoin like any other form of money."

It is hoped that in the months the Executive will do the necessary steps for Australia to join the countries that have officialized bitcoin as one more currency of its financial system.

Such a thing is expected soon in India, meanwhile, follow our page, so that you know every day about the best Bitcoin rate and the best bitcoin exchanges in India. "

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bitcoin now is in the space

Bitcoin will be launched to the space through “Blockstream” the first satellite blockchain service. Bitcoin is going not only global but also universal with new launching. It is incredible that technology is advancing so fast in our days. Through this new service there will be no excuses for not trading or accepting cryptocurrencies. The trading with digital currencies now will be in real time and free access. It could store all the 4 thousand millions of people that could be connected on the web. While these new advances are happening, other countries, on the other hand, are going backwards and do not want to legalize and support cryptocurrencies, like in the case of Venezuela where there is not any law that bans digital coins, but the government does not want to accept the crash of their economy. 

This new advance will bring new opportunities for exchanging digital coins and also a faster kind of transaction for all users in the world. We expect that countries like India will follow the example of the developers of Blockstream and guarantee a better and more secure approach to cryptocurrencies. These are the kind of advances that the world of digital currencies need because it calls the attention of more possible users and entrepreneurs to adopt these methods. Cash crisis such as the occurred in India three years ago could be easily solved through the adoption of digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. If the Indian government does not takes into account that the whole world is going towards the future digitalization of all the economies then India will be stick in the past. The bitcoin exchange in India rally needs this kind of support from the part of the government. However the companies at the top of best bitcoin exchange in India, Bitxoxo, Unocoin and Zepbay are doing a marvelous job. Hindu people sell and buy bitcoins normally, but a formal adoption from then government could be really precisel. 

By the end of the current year, it is expected that Blockstream will cover the half of the global population. In this moment it is covering just the third part of the world and thousands of users have communicated how pleased they have been about the new advance and the benefits that it has brought.

Top Bitcoin exchange in India: August India is increasingly approaching membership of China, Russia, Canada, Australia and others, a...